About Us


The Friends of Lafourche Drug Court Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization developed to support the Lafourche Parish Drug Treatment Court program and operate as a separate funding entity.  Its primary purpose is to provide supplementary funding for the development of the drug court program.  Presently, the Friends of Lafourche Drug Court Foundation is primarily funding specialized assessment and treatment for clients.

Established 1999 and Incorporated 2001                          Tax ID Number: EIN #72-1508388



Primary funding for the Drug Court comes from the Louisiana Supreme Court.  This provides for standard treatment and day-to-day operations.  Some of our clients, especially women, have been traumatized or victimized as children or adults.  The Friends Foundation funds assessment and treatment that is beyond the scope of the Drug Court substance abuse treatment program

We also fund reinforcement for responsible behavior.  In addition to the praise and social incentives counselors give, tangible rewards, are especially effective to reinforce the participant’s new life without the “rewards” of drug use and street life.  We want them to see a world that rewards positive behaviors and to develop “positive addictions” (work, family, hobbies, etc.) to replace their negative addictions (drugs and street life).  Once positive behaviors are established, it’s best to replace tangible rewards with social rewards.  Ultimately, we learn to reward ourselves – behaviors become internalized and we come to think of them as “the way I am.”

The Board is able to fund any legitimate cost that supports effective operation of the drug court.  For example, it funds the graduation ceremony for those who complete the rigorous program.


              Picture (front row) Rodney Hartman, Dana Adams, Marty Dufrene, Leslie Usey                                                                                                            (back row) Erin Gravois, Emily Knight, Roxanne Ledet, Elrick Nelson

Dana Adams, Chairman of Board                                    Marty Dufrene, Secretary of Board 

Tabitha Chiasson, Treasurer of Board                            Rodney Hartman, Board Member

Leslie Usey, Board Member                                                Emily Knight, Board Member

Bonnie Loker, Board Member                                            Desirae Chiasson, Board Member

Bonnie Fortson, Board Member                                        Andie Bollinger, Board Member        

Charlotte Bollinger, Board Member

Lafourche Parish Drug Court Staff: Ex-Officio Board Members

Elrick Nelson, Coordinator LP Drug Court         

Erin Gravois, Treatment Director  

Roxanne Ledet, Office Manager    

Nancy Rodrigue, (Retired)