Please join us for our 13th Annual Fundraiser as we celebrate the success of the Lafourche Parish Drug Treatment Court

Date: Thursday, September 21, 2017
Where:  Bayou Country Club   900 Country Club Blvd. Thibodaux, LA
Time:  Social is 6pm -7pm with Cash Bar; Dinner - 7PM
Dress:  Cool, Casual and Festive
Speakers:  Two of the LPDC Graduates will speak about the program
Special Guest Speaker:  Keith Parker

“Reform. Recover. Results.”


“For over two decades, Drug Courts have led the charge towards a more humane, cost effective Justice system. Research demonstrates that Drug Courts provide a highly effective alternative to incarceration for individuals whose involvement in the criminal justice system is rooted in serious addiction to drugs and alcohol.  By keeping drug-addicted offenders out of jail and in treatment Drug Courts have been proven to reduce drug abuse and crime while saving money.”

“The scientific community has put Drug Courts under a microscope and concluded that Drug Courts work. Better than jail or prison. Better than probation and treatment alone. Drug Courts significantly reduce drug use and crime and are more cost-effective than any other proven criminal justice strategy.”

Drugs and Crime in America

Substance abuse connection
FACT: 80% of offenders abuse alcohol or other drugs.
FACT: 50% of jail and prison inmates are clinically addicted.

Imprisonment has little effect on drug abuse
FACT: 60 - 80% of drug abusers commit a new crime (typically a drug-driven crime) after release from prison.
FACT: Approximately 95% return to drug abuse after release from prison.

*Reform:    Drug Courts Reduce Crime
FACT: Nationwide, 75% of Drug Court graduates remain arrest-free at least two years after leaving the program.

*Recover:    Drug Courts Restore Families
FACT: Family re-unification rates are 50% higher for Family Drug Court participants.

*Results:    Drug Courts Save Money
FACT: Nationwide, for every $1.00 invested in Drug Court, taxpayers save as much as $3.36 in avoided criminal justice costs alone.

What Do Drug Courts Need?
Drug Courts serve a fraction of the estimated 1.2 million drug-addicted people currently involved in the justice system. To truly break the cycle of drugs and crime in America, we must put a Drug Court within reach of every American in need.

Read all about us!  The Friends…
The Friends of Lafourche Drug Court is a charitable foundation providing advocacy and fundraising for the Drug Court.  Primary funding for the Drug Court comes from the Louisiana Supreme Court.   This provides for standard treatment and day-to-day operations. The Friends Foundation pays for assessment and treatment that is beyond the scope of the Drug Court substance abuse treatment program. Because of its federal status as a charitable foundation, the Friends Foundation can accept donations and provide the donor with a receipt for tax purposes.  Any private individual, organization, or business may make financial contributions, which are made payable to the "Friends of Lafourche Drug Court Foundation, Inc." The Tax ID number is 72-1508388.

Read all about us!  Lafourche Parish Drug Court
→ rigorous court monitored and supervised treatment program for 100 clients
→ the past 13 years, the program has treated over 700 participants, most of whom graduated the program and now lead drug free lives
→ statistics exceed national success and recidivism rates
→ crime
→ greater good is that lives are saved –not only the recovered person, but their children, families and the community

COUNT ME IN! I would love to sponsor and attend the Benefit!

HOPE   $1200

Premium Table Seating for 8
Display table at entrance
Banner displayed at event (sponsor provides)
Recognition in program and during event

STRIVE   $1000

Premium Table Seating for 8
Banner displayed at event (sponsor provides)
Recognition in program
Recognition during event


Table for 6
Recognition in program
Recognition during event


Table for 4
Recognition in program

FRIENDS   $100

Per person

If you are unable to attend and would like to donate to the Friends Foundation we welcome your contribution.

Your support is sincerely appreciated.  Proceeds benefit specialized treatment, training and transportation and incentives for client progress.  Donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.  The Friends of Lafourche Parish Drug Court is a non-profit organization with section 501 (c) (3) status for tax purposes and is governed by a Board of Directors. The Friends of Lafourche Parish Drug Court tax number is 72-1508388.

Make check out to:  Friends of Lafourche Drug Court
Mail to: P. O. Box 982, Thibodaux, LA 70302
OR - Fax form to: 985-446-9880
(check one) _____I will mail check or _____pay at the door
Contact Person:_______________________________ Phone: (_____) _____ - ______

Silent Auction - 6pm followed by Live Auction - 8pm. (There is limited seating, so let us hear from you SOON, but no later than Friday, Sept. 18th 2017) For further information, please contact me, Dana, cell (985) 326-3678

We look forward to your participation with our grateful thanks and appreciation,
Dana Mahler Adams

Friends Board of Directors and Members

Dana Adams, Chairman of Board
Marty Dufrene, Secretary of Board
Bonnie Loker, Treasurer of Board
Rodney Hartman, Member
Leslie Usey, Board Member
Andie Bollinger, Member

Emily Knight, Member
Andre Danos, Member
Perry Falcon, Member
Greg Ayo, Member
Bonnie Fortson, Member

Lafourche Parish Drug Court Staff:
Elrick Nelson, Coordinator LP Drug Court
Erin Gravois, Treatment Director
Roxanne Ledet, Office Manager

You may download and print this form clicking on the file located on the right. Once you complete the form you may fax or mail to the contact information listed above.